Ed Dwight Studios, Inc. 

Ed Dwight Studios, Inc., is located at 3824 Dahlia Street, Denver, CO and is a Studio, Gallery, and Foundry in a 25,000 sq.ft. facility. Since all the research for all the memorials is conducted in-house, the studio enjoys one of the larger historical based book, video, DVD collections in the country. The studio is composed of a Design Department, Creative Sculpture, Mold, Casting, Metal Finishing & Patina Departments. We also operate our own shipping department, as well as a wood fabrication area. The studio has the capacity to create & develop art projects using a full range of metals, plastics and other materials.

The art gallery is open for viewing & maintains a full range of Ed’s sculptures for your perusal. The studio is open for visits, preferably by appointment.


Video: Ed Dwight - Renowned Metal Sculptor

Ed Dwight Studios, Inc.   3824 Dahlia Street  Denver, Colorado 80207  Office: (303) 329-9040  Fax: (303) 322-9669  edd@eddwight.com